• ITC T-77120 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter withRMS 60W power amplifier, LAN CAT5 cable system

    T-77120 IP Network Class D Power Amplifier

    T-77120 widely installed in weak-current rooms or branch control room for public address, built-in amplifier, widely used for the hall, corridor and outdoor public address.

    1) Standard 19 inch rack design, black aluminum panel, human-based handle, exquisite and high-class design.
    2) 3.4 inch industrial-grade LCD screen, super anti-jamming performance, avoid instability infrared operation, clearly show most lattice pattern, and the machine working status.
    3) Adopt embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology; high-speed chip cut the start-up time less than 1 second.
    4) Built-in one channel network hardware audio decoding module that supports TCP / IP, UDP, IGMP(IP multi-Cast protocol), could transmit 16 bits stereo CD audio sign.
    5) Built-in Hi-Fi analog amplifier,60W/120W/240W/350W/500W, 4-16Ω output and and constant voltage 70V-100V output.
    6) One AUX and one MIC input, with independent volume control, treble and bass control, support paging without network.
    7) One EMC input, fire emergency audio signal input with the highest priority
    8) Two AUX outputs, connect with external amplifier, standard interfaces RCA port, Wiring connection is very convenient.
    9) One three-wire volume with relay output, without forced cutting power supply, compatible with four-wire fire cutting, need to connect with 24V power supply.
    10) Built-in intelligent power management, automatically cut off the amplifier power when no signal input , power amplifier, automatically turn on when there is audio signal input, preset the program to get this function.
    11) Built three priority setting:
    1. EMC is the highest priority.
    2. Network alarm signal priority MIC, AUX and network background music signal.
    3. MIC priority AUX and network background music signal.
    4. AUX and background music same level, without any priority.
    12) Support silent intensity preset reduction, support for background accompaniment preset
    function; Support status lights display, including level indicator, protection indicator, standby light, etc. Machine standby power less than 3W, meet the national environmental energy certification
    13) Support DHCP, compatible routers, switches, bridges gateways, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G,
    multicast, unicast and other arbitrary network structure.
    14) Digital products, easy expansion, no geographical restriction, no additional management
    equipment, without cables construction, easy installation.

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