Voice Alarm Evacuation System Price in Bangladesh: Voice evacuation systems are specially designed public address systems, typically used during fire situations, which the Life Safety Code requires for certain types of installations. Also referred to as Voice Evac systems, they are usually part of high-end fire alarm systems, primarily in places of assembly.

  • Bosch LBB1956/00 6 Zone Plena Voice Alarm Call Station

    Controls and indicators
    • Four status LEDs
    • PTT-key
    • PTT status LED
    • Six zone selection keys
    • Six zone selection LEDs
    • All-call key
    • Eight DIP switches
    • Rotary volume control

    • Two RJ45 jacks
    • 24 VDC input
    • Keypad connector

  • BOSCH Plena LBB1990/00 Voice Alarm Controller

    • Heart of the Plena Voice Alarm System
    • EN 54‑16 certified and EN 60849 compliant
    • Message manager and 240 W amplifier build‑in
    • Six‑zone outputs
    • 12 business and emergency control inputs
  • Bosch PLN-6TMW Weekly Timer

    Bosch Plena Message Manager or Voice Alarm.

    The Bosch PLN-6TMW Plena Weekly Timer is an accurate timer for use in public address systems for regular timed messages or other signals. It is ideally suited for schools, shopping malls and all other venues that need regularly timed messages, signals or other controls. The PLN6TMW is ideal for connection to the LBB 1965/00 Plena Message Manager and Voice Alarm System. Two weekly schedules are available and events can be any length, programmable with an accuracy of one minute, with no upper limit on the number of events. A pause mode enables all actions, except the clock display, to be temporarily suspended. Each event can trigger a chime, any combination of output contacts or a change in BGM volume – ideal for attenuating the music level in the evening.

    The PLN 6TMW is 1U high and rack mounted using the rack mounting brackets supplied.

    • Two weekly programs
    • 14 Chimes
    • Six contact outputs
    • Automatic summer winter time
    • BGM level control
    • Hold and pause function
    • Unit can be programmed standalone or via PC
    • Ideal partner for Plena Message Manager or Plena Voice Alarm for timed messages
    • 440x312x48mm (WxDxH)
    • 1U high 19″ rack-mountable
    • Weight 3kg
  • ITC T-6223 (A) Multi-voice message evacuation panel

    Multi-voice message evacuation panel, built-in 30 channel fire alarm trigger, built-in Mp3 player of SD card, RCA aux output, different voice message alarm for different zones, expandable to 300 zones, AC 120v or 230V operation

    * 30 EMC inputs and expandable to 300 zones
    * Two kinds of alarm collection trigger mode: normally closed way and normally opened
    * Exact LED alarm zone display
    * Within digital voice alarm player, come true independent voice alarm function for separate zones
    * Panel integrated monitor speaker
    * SD card to store the voice message to make sure hi-fi sound quality and easy management
    * RJ45 communication interface

  • ITC VA-6200RM Voice Alarm Evacuation System Remote Paging MIC

    * Support 16 zones, group paging button.

    * System max support 32 remote paging microphones.

    * Microphone support anti-misoperation plug.

    * Support line audio input, and input/output volume is adjustable.

    * Paging priority can be set by software.

    * Support 24 DC power supply.

    * Remote MIC/Controller has 2 cascade interfaces, 1 in and 1 out.* Optional paging to the main controller or extension controller.

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