• ITC T-8000A Remote 8 Zone Paging Console, max 4 units, expansion to 40 zones

    ITC T-8000A Remote 8 Zone Paging Console, max 4 units, expansion to 40 zones

    * Connected with T-8000 through universal industrial standard CAT 5 for zone announcement or

    communication at a remote and different location from the control center.

    * Each controller provides four RJ45 ports for the remote paging console.

    * The CAT 5 wiring is not only featured of cost-effective, convenient layout, but also integration of RS 485 communication, audio transmission and DC 24V power supply together.

    * Extra DC 24V power supply is needed if the communication distance between controller and the paging console is more than 50 meters.

    * Eight zone selector with state indication.

    * Talk and all zone paging swift keys are provided.

    * 2 and 4 tones chimes with selector and off switch.

    * Volume controls are provided for chime and microphone.

    * Full indications includes individual zone, all zone, busy, paging, power, output level to provide a direct visualization.

  • ITC T-216 Remote Paging Microphone for 6-zone Series

    ITC T-216 Remote Paging Microphone for 6-zone Series

    Zone selection button: User could choose any zone from one to six, and also all zone.

    * Call button and Warning Tone button: Press call button when the warning tone button is on,

    the ring come out firstly.

    * Number of rings selection: 2 sounds or 4 sounds.

    * Address code setting: After equipement switch on, long press button zone 1 to 6 to set their

    address code. If in red flashing light, it means the setting is ongoing. Same address code for

    microphone is not allowed. Address code when press “01” has the highest priority and this

    microphone can interrupt other microphone.

    * Auto standby function: When no signal is detected from mic for one minute, the

    conversation will close automatically. And the call button is off.

    * 24V DC power supply.

    * RS485 online port, can be cascaded to 6 pieces.

    * MIC/ Chime/ Main volume adjustment.

    * The Panel is shown with 10 volume levels.* Microphone support preemptive and queuing function when online use.SpecificationsRear Panel T-216

  • ITC T-7770 IP Network Audio Sampling Terminal

    ITC T-7770 IP Network Audio Sampling Terminal

    Specially designed for IP network public address system audio signal sampling, analog audio signal can be encoded into digital audio signal, transmit and play in the designated terminal through Internet.


    * All aluminum shell process, with small size, strong and durable.

    * Adopt embedded computer technology and DSP Audio processing technology, with high-speed industrial handling chip, start time is less than 1 second.

    * With one network hardware audio coding module, support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast)

    protocol, realize the networking transmission of CD sound quality 16 audio signal of .

    * With one group RCA input interface, input volume control, flexibly fit for a variety of sensitivity of audio equipment.

    * Support Timing sampling tasks, temporary sampling, sampling task priority level can be set up

    by the server.

    * Support “Normal sampling “, “medium sampling” and “high fidelity sampling” three sampling pattern, “Normal sampling”, extremely with low latency network audio collection effect, “medium sampling” can obtain the general quality network acquisition effect with low latency ,”high fidelity sampling”, can obtain very low distortion rate of network audio collection effect.

    * Support routers, switches, Bridges, Modem, Internet, 2 G, 3 G, 4 G, multicast and unicast network structure.

  • ITC T-7707 IP Network Active Speaker

    ITC T-7707 IP Network Active Speaker

    T-7707(Wall Mount) Electronic IP Network Active Speaker

    Suitable for Classroom, multi-media classroom, office, conference room, prison, hospital department, metro etc, used for playing some recording audio documents or background music. It can also be used as a local speaker.

    T-7707 IP Network Active Speaker Features:

    *Professional integration wall mounted design, the configuration is very sturdy, the speaker case meets with sound resonance principle, very elegant and beautiful appearance.
    *Adopt embedded computer and DSP audio processing technologies, high-speed industrial SCM system chips, the startup time is less than 1 second.
    *Built-in 1 network hardware audio decoding module, support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast protocol), realize the network-based transmission audio signal of 16 stereo CD tone.
    *Build-in 2×10W (@8Ω) 2 channel digital amplifier, 1 channel connect with main speaker, the otherdemned connect with the assistant speaker. The sound quality is delicate, with strong power. with network volume setting.
    *1 AUX input, with independent volume potentiometer control, support offline local paging function. Support Reduce mute strength preset function and background Accompaniment preset function.
    *Built-in 2 level priority setting:
    1. Network voice alarm signal prior to AUX and Network BGM music signal.
    2. AUX signal prior to Network BGM music signal.
    *Support DHCP, compatible with Router, PABX, bridge gateway, modem, internet,2G,3G,4G, multicast, unicast and any other network construction.
    *Digital products, convenient extension, no limited by geographical location, no need to add administration equipment, adopt the design conception of network free line construction, installation is very easy.

  • ITC IP-S601 POE Wall Mount Speaker IP-S601

    ITC IP-S601 POE Wall Mount Speaker IP-S601

    1) Full digital network transmission, HiFi grade CD quality, Support TCP/IP,UDP,IGMP agreement(multicast)

    2)Support POE(IEEE 802.3af)two power supply mode(that is 1,2, 3,6 pin or 4,5; 7,8 pin),

    we need only one internet cable to connect the speaker with POE switch,the construction is very simple.

    Max transmission distance is 80m.

    3) Please connect the internet terminals correctly according to the POE switch power of

    different brands and size.To avoid the terminals break down on the situation of

    POE Switch transient power protection.

    4) With automatic pressure limit function, make the digital power amplifier works

    on status of optimized performance, max efficiency,and standby SNR≥70dB(No weighting)

    5)  Whole frequency band,high sensitivity speaker unit,with abundant power, HiFi sound quality.

    6) With a reset button in order to restore factory settings conveniently.

  • ITC T-6713 Protocol Converter from RS232 to RS422, LAN CAT5 cable system

    ITC T-6713 Protocol Converter from RS232 to RS422, LAN CAT5 cable system

    Work with the fire signal interface or wireless remote control suite, for conversion of RS-422/RS-232 protocol and TCP/IP protocol.Features* With standard cabinet design (1U), black alumina panel drawing, the hand of humanity, sophisticated technology, show high-grade temperament.* The 2 channel RS-422 protocol RJ45 input interface, 1 channel RS-232 protocol DB9 input interface.* Support DHCP compatible routers, switches, bridges, gateway, Modem, Intelnet , 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast arbitrary network structure.* The 1 channel PC machine serial download IP address, IP address decoding module is used to modify the network.* there is Ethernet can access, support cross network and cross routing.SpecificationsRear Panel

  • ITC T-6760 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter withRMS 60W power amplifier, LAN CAT5cable system

    ITC T-6760 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter withRMS 60W power amplifier, LAN CAT5cable system

    T-6760 ITC IP Network Audio Class-D Amplifier

    The IP PA amplifier range is an ideal network audio solution for multiple speakers middle sized applications. It is used to transmit program from internet to its built-in amplifier then to 100V, 70V or low impedance loudspeakers. So the normal connection way as below: Control port by the RJ45 connector to LAN switch and speaker outputs to loudspeakers.

    The T-6760 IP network audio adapter is of 19 rack mount design, it is built-in a power amplifier output rated at 60W, 120W, 240W to 350W. This LAN network technology also allows this IP network audio adapter with amplifier could be installed anywhere of the LAN system, thus the cable wiring cost could be saved.

    The biggest advantages of the network audio system are Super distance audio transmission, simultaneous maximum program task, and non-dedicated network wiring.

    Multiple loudspeakers could be directly powered by the built-in power amplifier.

    It is also designed of local end-user program selection from the server by remote control. The local volume also could be adjusted by remote control. The remote control is also could be used to write and change the IP address.

    The password is needed to access control the equipment to avoid unintentional error.

    The network audio adapter also is designed with a local microphone input and a local line input, a volume control could be used to adjust the speaker loudness. Three wired volume control is also optional to be connected to this unit. Two reserved communication ports by RJ45 type for future upgrade. One serial communication port only shall be used to write in or change the IP address.

    Automatic enter standby mode if no input is detected for 5 minutes and automatically back into service once the input is detected.

    Two levels of priority output: Voice evacuation system with the highest priority and local input with secondary priority over program source. However, the local input and program source priority could be customized.

    Indicators include output level meter, amplifier power indicator, a protection indicator, and equipment power indicator.

    High temp, overload and short circuit amplifier protection.

  • ITC T-7701 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter, LAN CAT5 cable system

    ITC T-7701 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter, LAN CAT5 cable system

    T-7701 IP Network Audio Terminal

    T-7701 could be installed in weak inter or sub-control room of public address management area. It could be connected to 2 sets of the external power amplifier to do broadcast or local broadcast on multiple occasions, such as hall, passage, outdoor area, etc.

    T-7701 Features:

    1) In standard 19’’ rack design; the black panel is in the material of alumina; sturdy handle; professional mechanical assembly process; the appearance looks really upscale; 
    2) With industrial 3.4’’ LCD to display the working state;
    3) Using the technique of embedded MCU and DSP sound processing; high-speed industrial level microcontroller; the boot time is less than 1s;
    4) With internal 1 channel IP network audio decoder module, which supports the protocol of TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (Grouping Protocol) to realize 16-bit stereo audio transmission on the IP network;
    5) With 1 AUX and 1 Mic input; they have independent volume control and treble/bass control; support function of offline local paging;
    6) With 1 EMC input, which has the highest priority;
    7) With 2 audio AUX output to connect external power amplifier; in the type of standard RCA; the connection is really convenient;
    8) 1 3-wire forced switching output, no need forced switching power; adaptive to 4-wire fire alarm forced switching output, which needs external forced switching power at DC 24V;
    9) With internal intelligent power management system; when no music signal or paging signal, the power of output is cut off automatically; when the signal input, it turns on the power of output according to the program written in the software;
    10) Built-in 3 level priority setting:
    11) EMC signal has the highest priority;
    12) Mic, AUX and IP network music signal have the second priority;
    13) The priority of Mic is higher than AUX and IP network music signal;
    14) Support the pre-reduce function for the mute; support the preset function for the background music; with the state, indicators to display the electrical level, protection, standby, etc; support the function of authorized operation management and the account is set and managed by the server uniformly;
    15) Support DHCP; adaptive to multiple network structure, such as a router, switcher, bridge & gateway, modem, internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, grouping broadcasting, unicast, etc;
    16) Using the design concept of the common network; it’s easy to be expanded without geographical location limit and it could be installed conveniently.

  • ITC T-7802U IP Network Paging Console

    ITC T-7802U IP Network Paging Console


    Installed in central control room, duty room or office. Can be used for music or programs, paging, announcements, intercom, and monitoring.


    1. Stylish desktop design with 7’’ TFT touch-screen
    2. Based on the Luna cloud-based platform; with excellent security and stability. Supports 24/7 continuous operation
    3. Terminal management functions: current task and working status;
    4. Call via either the handheld mic or gooseneck mic;
    5. Accessibility aids including help, audible number, light, text, etc;
    6. Supports multiple functions including one key answer, hands-free operation and missed call recording;
    7. Customisable buttons: e.g. monitoring hot-key, public address hot-key, intercom hot-key, conference hot-key, music playing hot-key, help hot-key, etc;
    8. 2GB internal SSD memory; has remote management functionality; supports background downloading for limited bandwidth or scheduled downloads for reduced network load; supports offline playing from media library
    9. USB port to read and play media in external storage devices up to 4TB
    10. Supports public address in designated terminal or designated area;
    11. Micro SD (TF) port up to 128GB capacity
    12. 2 network ports to support expansion of exchange and remote backup. Up to 100Mbps;
    13. 24-bit Hi-fi audio, streaming up to 768Kpbs
    14. 1 Line input, 1 Mic input, built-in digital preamp, with customisable priority levels
    15. 1 Line output for external power amplifiers; headset jack;
    16. 2 short inputs and 2 short outputs; flexible custom functions: e.g. short signal connections, alarm triggers, and third-party fire alarm or monitoring system;
    17. Factory reset button
    18. RJ45 expansion ports for expansion of functions and operation
    19. Runs on both AC and 24VDC battery backup
  • ITC T-7800 Series IP Intercom & PA System Server T-7800A

    ITC T-7800 Series IP Intercom & PA System Server T-7800A

    1) Using CPU Core i7, which could support up to 1,000 terminals;

    2) Using dual channel memory 8G DDR3;

    3) Using high speed 256G SSD

    4) With dual network interface to meet the demand of high speed data exchange;

    5) Using 17-inch 16:9 HD screen of 1920x1080P, which is with LVDS digital interface;

    6) With pull-style industrial level keyboard;

    7) Using industrial level touch mouse;

    8) Using 2 channel sound card, which could be expanded to 14 channel;

  • ITC T-7700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software

    ITC T-7700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software

    The IP system management and control software, installed on a network broadcast control center or computer, is integrated management platform for IP network system data exchange, system operation and function operation.

  • ITC T-6700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software

    ITC T-6700R IP Network PA & Intercom System Software

    The iTC T-6700R network software has been custom designed to deliver a complete system management console interface which can control iTC networking devices visually and easily.

    The full duplex system software provides venue administrators and technicians with the ability to configure a complete digital IP audio system from a single point in the network. The software allows for the simple creation of visual configuration maps providing a clear and concise snapshot of the entire system end-to-end. The T-6700R software is extremely powerful with the ability to restrict features and access at up to 9 levels. It also has the ability to transmit over 1,000 simultaneous tasks giving you unprecedented control over even the most elaborate systems.

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