TEV Microphone

TEV Microphone is a new product that has been designed to help you communicate with PA System Amplifier. It can also be used for business purposes, like conducting interviews or presentations, PA System, Conference Room. The microphone’s design makes it compatible with almost any device including an Amplifier, PA System so there will always be an easy way for you to use it!

TEV Microphone Price in Bangladesh

This is a post about what the TEV’s microphone for PA systems can do for you. This is written by an expert in the field of sound and recording, who has been working in this industry since 2005. I have spent my time learning about how to make your voice sound clear on recordings and live performances. In particular, WeI will be talking about microphones that are designed to produce high-quality audio with minimal distortion from background noise or reverberation effects such as echo or reverb.

The TEV microphone is perfect for PA systems and other applications that require crystal-clear sound reproduction. It’s the world’s first wireless, rechargeable condenser microphone with a USB rechargeable battery pack. The TEV mic has an internal omnidirectional polar pattern and it can be used in both live performances as well as recording studios.

Taiwan Electric Voice CO., Ltd. is the leading manufacture on microphone fields, specializing in every major sound area and accessories. We have achieved ISO-9002 International Quality Recognition for our company’s high quality products that we produce to meet all complex consumer needs as well as service world wide with TEV brand name itself! As time goes by, our R&D group will work together to maintain a higher standard of excellence while keeping ourselves challenging from improving techniques or skills within this field at any given moment. There are plenty of good things about Taiwan Electric Voice Co.’s quality goods; they prove what value it has towards consumers who hope to find something that can be worth their money too!

TEV PRO-II Bangladesh

TEV Microphone Price in Bangladesh

TEV TOP-II Handheld Wired Microphone = 3,200 Taka

TEV PRO-II Handheld Wired Microphone = 3,500 Taka


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