Built-in features:
    o FM/USB slot/SD card slot
    o With MP3 play and record/Bluetooth function
    o Two wireless microphones (handheld, lapel mic or headset mic option)
    o With wired/wireless microphone priority switch
    o With digital echo
    o With treble and bass control
    o With tripod stand jack
    o Built in 12V DC/7Ah rechargeable battery
    o RMS: 40W (maximum)
    o THD: <1%
    o Mic sensitivity: 5mV
    o Speaker: one 8Ω 12-inch woofer and one 8Ω 35W horn

  • ITC T-6020B RMS 20W Portable Amplifier 20W, with USB port, lapel or handheld mic and headset mic

    ITC T-6020B 20W Portable Amplifier with USB port, lapel or handheld mic and headset mic

    This series Lectern is an attractive public address podium that features an all-in-one design. It built-in 60W amplifier, 60W column speaker with one tweeter and three woofers. A flexible gooseneck microphone and lamp are provided as well. A number of input and output connections make it easy to expand its capacity. Available in white or black finish, wooden top and steel bottom, steel body; goose neck MIC length: 47cm; Lamp length: 45cm

    * One gooseneck MIC and one lamp.

    * 60W rated power output.

    * 1 aux input, 2 MIC inputs, 1 line output and 1 REC output.

  • ITC T-250BM 2*25W, 2.4G Multimedia active speaker with wireless microphone

    ITC T-250BM 2*25W, 2.4G Multimedia active speaker with wireless microphone

    1.  Transmission frequency: 2.4000 to 2.53MHz, Hifi, anti-interference;

    2.  64K @16bit x2 HDCD sound quality is in top grade of the industry;

    3.  Sound delay is less than 0.5ms;

    4.  Frequency response: 80 to 16KHz;

    5.  To enter paring state automatically, when it’s turned on; to enter receiving state after notification tone;

    6.  Paring distance between the host and microphone is less than 3m and the pairing time is less than 3s;

    7.  Support encrypted transmission; the receiver is with the function of automatic frequency sweep to avoid interference easily;

    8.  The 2.4G radio microphone is with volume control;

    9.  Support charging function with charging management; support charging and working at the same time; using Micro USB port as same as general mobile phone charger;

    10.  With 1 Line input and 1 Mic input;

    11.  With protection function for output load and short;

    12.  Output: 2x25W@4Ω;

    13.  Microphone input is with mute function;

    14. With 1 volume control for Mic, 1 volume control for Line input and 2 hidden type treble/bass control.

Portable PA System Price in Bangladesh: A portable PA System aids your vocal cords by amplifying sound. You can speak to an audience without needing a whole nightclub speaker package. Commonly, the user will find microphones, speakers, and an amplifier embedded into one Portable PA System.

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