HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit

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  • Brand: HTDZ
  • Model: HT-350C
  • Frequency: 40-16000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -42±2dB
  • Distance: 20-120cm
  • Built-in inner speaker
  • Warranty: One Year

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HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit

  • Frequency Response: 40-16000Hz.
  • Sensitivity: -42±2dB.
  • Reference sound –receiving distance: 20-120cm.
  • Built-in monitor loudspeaker (1w) for volume regulating.
  • Chairman unit could control the whole process of the conference.
  • Red indicator light on the MIC.
  • Electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover, extension pipe optional.
  • The chairman unit in the systems is unrestricted, can join with any position in the circuit.
  • Origine- China
  • Warranty: One Year

HTDZ HT-350C Bangladesh

HTDZ HT-350C Bangladesh

HTDZ Chairman unit could control the whole process of the conference. Red indicator light on the MIC. HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit is a conference system for medium to large audiences. It includes the HTDZ Conference System, the HT-350C chairman unit, and mounting delegates. The unit is designed for sound reproduction of speech in noisy environments with reverberant characteristics. The speaker has high power handling capacity which provides excellent speech intelligibility in background noise conditions such as when using public address systems outdoors or during rock concerts indoors.

The unit’s enclosure design minimizes internal reflections by absorbing sound energy from all directions thereby providing an optimal acoustic environment for any type of event. There are also four optional microphone inputs that can be used for simultaneous recording or broadcasting purposes adding versatility to this system. The mixer panel features two input


HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit

HTDZ HT-350C Price in Bangladesh

HTDZ HT-350C Chairman Unit Price is 9,500 Taka

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