ITC T-521UH UHF Wireless Mic, two handheld mics

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* Using UHF ultra-high frequency double true diversity FM microphone wireless receiver, and ueses the DPLL

multichannel digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology.

* Provides each of 200 a total of 600 channels to choose, true diversity receiving, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of fault frequency and to extend the receiving distance.

* With a magnitude 8, according to 8 audio level display, according to the audio level,

according to the channel menu mute.

* Balanced and unbalanced output port, two choices to meet the needs of different device to connect.

* LCD liquid crystal display can also showed channel number and working frequency.

Light touch button control is simple, which let users to use it more conveniently.

* Strong anti-interference ability, can effectively restrain noise caused by the external

interference and same frequency interference.

* Infrared frequency function, can be convenient, shortcut of the transmitter and receiver synchronization.

* Enough intermediate frequency, relaxed singing, sounds with magnetic and mixed thick feeling, the essence of the vocal microphone sound.

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Frequency indication
Word frequency640-857MHz (the applicable frequency depends on the

local regulation)Broadband FM

Number of channel200
Channel spacing250KHz
Frequency stabilityWithin ±0.005%
Dynamic range100dB
Maximum deviation±45KHz
Audio frequency response80-18KHz (±3DB) (frequency response of the whole

system depends on the microphone unit)

Comprehensive signal to105dB
noise ratio
Comprehensive distortion≤0.5%
Working distanceAbout 100m (working distance depends on many

variation which includes absorbing, reflection and

interference of Rf signal)

Receiver Indication
Receiver modeDouble super heterodyne
Intermediate frequency110MHz, 10.7MHz
Antenna accessBNC/50Ω
Sensitivity12dBμV (80dBS/N)
Adjustable range of Sensitivity12-32dBμV
Spurious suppression≥75dB
Max  output level+10dBV
Power supply modeDC 12~18V 500mA input
Transmitter parameters
AttackMoving Coil Condenser microphone (Collar microphone,

Headset microphone)

AntennaInternal helical antenna of handheld microphone, the

hanging transmitter adopts1/4 wave-length whip antenna

Output powerMax power 30Mw;Min Power 3Mw
Spurious suppression-60dB
Power supply2 section 5,#1.5V alkaline battery
Battery service life About 10 hours under 30mW,  about 15 hours under 3mW
Function featuresAdopting true diversity reception mode, effectively

avoiding frequency phenomenon and the extension

of the receiving distance

Quality characteristicsEnough intermediate frequency, Relaxed singin, sounds

with magnetic  and mixed thick feeling,  the essence of   vocal microphone sound

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ITC T-521UH UHF Wireless Mic, two handheld mics

ITC T-521UH UHF Wireless Mic, two handheld mics