Ayzo A-BT-4Z-480W 480Watts 4-Zone Professional Amplifier

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  • Three microphone inputs & two auxiliary inputs.
  • Four zones with individual volume & tone control.
  • 4 ohms, 70V and 100V speaker output.
  • 480 Watts / RMS.
  • Five element LED level to monitor sound level.
  • USB, Bluetooth, MMC, FM compatible.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Mute function.
  • Short-circuit protection with alarm.

Ayzo A-BT-4Z-480W Bangladesh

AYZO Public Addressable amplifiers offers a high-quality audio experience at affordable costs. The amplifiers
which work both as power and mixing amplifiers are capable of delivering clean audio power ranging from 60W to
1000W with less than 1% distortion. These amplifiers have 4 Ohms, 70V, 100V transformer-isolated speaker
outputs. With three microphone inputs and a Wireless remote control, they can play audio from USB, Bluetooth,
MMC or FM. These amplifiers are capable of handling individual volume control across 4 zones with an option for
muting. Inbuilt protection against short circuit and high temperature assures lifetime of reliable audio experience.

  • Bluetooth+individual volume control (60W-380W)
    Pre-amplifier with 4 zone+FM+USB+MMC+Wireless control+


1: Plug play U disk, FM radio, MMC, bluetooth, Wireless remote control.
2: Three microphone inputs. Two auxiliary inputs and one auxiliary outputs for link.
3: Transformer isolated 100V, 70V and 4-16 Ohms speaker outputs.
4: A five element LED level meter is provided for quick and easy visual monitoring of the sound level.
5: Muting function.
6: Four zone, Individual volume control, low and high tone control.
7: Short circuit protection and alarm.
8: Individual distributer for each channel.
9: Panel color :Black or Silver

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Ayzo A-BT-4Z-480W 480Watts 4-Zone Professional Amplifier

Ayzo A-BT-4Z-480W 480Watts 4-Zone Professional Amplifier