• ITC T-8000 Matrix Audio and Pagin 8x8 Controller

    ITC T-8000 Matrix Audio and Pagin 8×8 Controller

    The T-8000 is an 8 matrix and paging control channel, which is answer to multi-zone paging and the multi-source selection system. They are a complete solution for multiple areas, multi-functional sites like entertainment venues, grand hotel, sports or sports centers, shopping center and airport, etc. It offers direct connection to up to 8 music source inputs, 8 remote control panels, 2 remote paging consoles and a microphone input, all of these inputs can be freely assigned in different zones 8 outputs simultaneously . A remote paging console and 3 different remote control panels are available when extension control, multi-zone paging and multi-source routing is required. Each channel input is provided with individual mic, music, master volume control, each line and paging console input with gain control, microphone input with gain, bass and treble tone control . Monitor the volume control as planned.

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