• ITC T-7770 IP Network Audio Sampling Terminal

    ITC T-7770 IP Network Audio Sampling Terminal

    Specially designed for IP network public address system audio signal sampling, analog audio signal can be encoded into digital audio signal, transmit and play in the designated terminal through Internet.


    * All aluminum shell process, with small size, strong and durable.

    * Adopt embedded computer technology and DSP Audio processing technology, with high-speed industrial handling chip, start time is less than 1 second.

    * With one network hardware audio coding module, support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP(multicast)

    protocol, realize the networking transmission of CD sound quality 16 audio signal of .

    * With one group RCA input interface, input volume control, flexibly fit for a variety of sensitivity of audio equipment.

    * Support Timing sampling tasks, temporary sampling, sampling task priority level can be set up

    by the server.

    * Support “Normal sampling “, “medium sampling” and “high fidelity sampling” three sampling pattern, “Normal sampling”, extremely with low latency network audio collection effect, “medium sampling” can obtain the general quality network acquisition effect with low latency ,”high fidelity sampling”, can obtain very low distortion rate of network audio collection effect.

    * Support routers, switches, Bridges, Modem, Internet, 2 G, 3 G, 4 G, multicast and unicast network structure.

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