• ITC T-7701 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter, LAN CAT5 cable system

    ITC T-7701 Rack Mount Network Audio Adapter, LAN CAT5 cable system

    T-7701 IP Network Audio Terminal

    T-7701 could be installed in weak inter or sub-control room of public address management area. It could be connected to 2 sets of the external power amplifier to do broadcast or local broadcast on multiple occasions, such as hall, passage, outdoor area, etc.

    T-7701 Features:

    1) In standard 19’’ rack design; the black panel is in the material of alumina; sturdy handle; professional mechanical assembly process; the appearance looks really upscale; 
    2) With industrial 3.4’’ LCD to display the working state;
    3) Using the technique of embedded MCU and DSP sound processing; high-speed industrial level microcontroller; the boot time is less than 1s;
    4) With internal 1 channel IP network audio decoder module, which supports the protocol of TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (Grouping Protocol) to realize 16-bit stereo audio transmission on the IP network;
    5) With 1 AUX and 1 Mic input; they have independent volume control and treble/bass control; support function of offline local paging;
    6) With 1 EMC input, which has the highest priority;
    7) With 2 audio AUX output to connect external power amplifier; in the type of standard RCA; the connection is really convenient;
    8) 1 3-wire forced switching output, no need forced switching power; adaptive to 4-wire fire alarm forced switching output, which needs external forced switching power at DC 24V;
    9) With internal intelligent power management system; when no music signal or paging signal, the power of output is cut off automatically; when the signal input, it turns on the power of output according to the program written in the software;
    10) Built-in 3 level priority setting:
    11) EMC signal has the highest priority;
    12) Mic, AUX and IP network music signal have the second priority;
    13) The priority of Mic is higher than AUX and IP network music signal;
    14) Support the pre-reduce function for the mute; support the preset function for the background music; with the state, indicators to display the electrical level, protection, standby, etc; support the function of authorized operation management and the account is set and managed by the server uniformly;
    15) Support DHCP; adaptive to multiple network structure, such as a router, switcher, bridge & gateway, modem, internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, grouping broadcasting, unicast, etc;
    16) Using the design concept of the common network; it’s easy to be expanded without geographical location limit and it could be installed conveniently.

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