• ITC T-8000A Remote 8 Zone Paging Console, max 4 units, expansion to 40 zones

    ITC T-8000A Remote 8 Zone Paging Console, max 4 units, expansion to 40 zones

    * Connected with T-8000 through universal industrial standard CAT 5 for zone announcement or

    communication at a remote and different location from the control center.

    * Each controller provides four RJ45 ports for the remote paging console.

    * The CAT 5 wiring is not only featured of cost-effective, convenient layout, but also integration of RS 485 communication, audio transmission and DC 24V power supply together.

    * Extra DC 24V power supply is needed if the communication distance between controller and the paging console is more than 50 meters.

    * Eight zone selector with state indication.

    * Talk and all zone paging swift keys are provided.

    * 2 and 4 tones chimes with selector and off switch.

    * Volume controls are provided for chime and microphone.

    * Full indications includes individual zone, all zone, busy, paging, power, output level to provide a direct visualization.

  • ITC T-216 Remote Paging Microphone for 6-zone Series

    ITC T-216 Remote Paging Microphone for 6-zone Series

    Zone selection button: User could choose any zone from one to six, and also all zone.

    * Call button and Warning Tone button: Press call button when the warning tone button is on,

    the ring come out firstly.

    * Number of rings selection: 2 sounds or 4 sounds.

    * Address code setting: After equipement switch on, long press button zone 1 to 6 to set their

    address code. If in red flashing light, it means the setting is ongoing. Same address code for

    microphone is not allowed. Address code when press “01” has the highest priority and this

    microphone can interrupt other microphone.

    * Auto standby function: When no signal is detected from mic for one minute, the

    conversation will close automatically. And the call button is off.

    * 24V DC power supply.

    * RS485 online port, can be cascaded to 6 pieces.

    * MIC/ Chime/ Main volume adjustment.

    * The Panel is shown with 10 volume levels.* Microphone support preemptive and queuing function when online use.SpecificationsRear Panel T-216

  • ITC T-6600 Audio Matrix Controller

    ITC T-6600 Audio Matrix Controller

    ICT T-6600 Bangladesh

    1. Timing and specified point broadcasting

    Clients could use the matching software to write your own program that orders specified source to be played in specified zone. Or you could write the program via fluent buttons on the front panel.

    1. Broadcasting to All zones or partition
    1. Power Management

    T-6600 is built in 6 channel power sequencer and it could be expanded to control more peripherals.

    1.  Function of Remote Paging

    Remote paging console could be connected to the host via network cable. And via functional buttons on the console, users could do paging to all zones or partition. What’s more, the transmission distance is up to 1Km.

    1. Hot-key

    T-6600 provides you with several hot-key to call designated function. And you could custom the hot-key freely via software.

    1.  Function ofForcedVoice Alarm

    When doing voice alarm, T-6600 needs to work with fire signal receiving panel. There’s 3 modes of voice alarm, including all zone voice alarm, zoning voice alarm and adjacent voice alarm.

  • ITC T-218 10 Zone Desktop Paging PA Microphone

    ITC T-218 10 Zone Desktop Paging PA Microphone

    * With operation number input keys and LED display
    * Capacity of manage 30 paging selectors T-6212(A), up to 300 zones
    * Max remote control distance up to 1Km
    * With microphone volume control
    * RCA line input and output
    * Built-in chime and chime volume control
    * Max 16 microphone work together with RJ45 port in series connection

  • Yamaha MG16 16CH Mixer Bangladesh

    Yamaha MG16 16CH Mixer

    Yamaha MG16 16CH Mixer Bangladesh

    • D-PRE mic preamps deliver clean, transparent, and natural sound
    • 3-band EQ on all mono channels for sound-shaping
    • 1-knob compressors provide straightforward dynamics control
    • Pad switch on mono inputs for managing loud sources
    • Metal chassis for durability


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